Washing Machine Type Front Loading
Loading Capacity In kg 8KG – 12KG
Capacity 10KG
Rotation speed 1400 rpm
LED display screen
15 quick programs: light clothes programme, white and colored clothes programme, easy care program (for non-cotton clothes), hand wash program for woolen clothes
Wash optimization: Extra delicate, Automatic, Drum cleaning, Fast/mix, Single rinse cycle, Quilted linen, Fast 15/30 minutes, Easy ironing, Stain removal method selection, Fast wash, Start/pause with reload function, Temperature Prewash, choose the number of spin cycles
Featurei-DOS: To automatically measure the specified amount of cleaning fluid and water.
AntiStain: To remove the most common stains.
Automatic programs: to choose the wash and soaking degree for each type of fabric.
EngineEcoSilence Drive is quiet and energy efficient
Dimensions: 845 x 598 x 588 mm