TOSHIBA Kitchen Ventilating Fan
Ventilating Fan Colors : Blue Or Creamy
Ventilating Fan Installing : On Inside Frame Dimensions 30cm x 30cm
Ventilating Fan Material : Plastic Body and Blades
Plastic Blades Easy to Disassembly for Cleaning
With Oil Drawer
Safety Back Window
Back Shutters : Metal
Swivel Switch work with 2 Directions for Suction and Expulsion
Power Switch with Power Cord
Working More Than 5000 Continuous Working Hours
Silent Action
Does not Need Lubrication and Rustproof
Operating Voltage ( AC ) : 220 Volt – 50 Hz / Sec
Weight :-
Net Weight : 2.494 kg
Gross Weight : 2.84 kg
Country of Origin : Egypt
Ventilating Fan Warranty : 5 Years Full Free Warranty




Blue, Creamy


25cm x 25cm