TORNADO Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker Inspired from Traditional Turkish Coffee Makers and Designed With LuminaSense Technology
Coffee Maker Features :-
Coffee Maker Pot Capacity : Maximum ( 4 Cups / 330 ml ) of Turkish Coffee
Voltage : 220 – 240 Volt / 50 – 60 Hz
Usable Coffee type : Powder
Intuitional Control Panel With LED Light
Removable Water Tank ( 1 Liter )
( Small – Medium – large ) Cup Size Selection
Cordless Use of The Coffee Pot
Facility to Use Either with the Left or Right hand thanks to two vents , Possibility of Pouring Out From Both Sides
Automatic Water Feeding System
Having Coffee Cup Size Memory
On – Off Button
Protection System Prevents The Device to Work without Water
Low Water Level Alert
With Light and Sound Alert in The End of Coffee Preparation
Illuminating and Sound Alarm During Running For All Operations
Water Level Screen in Brewing Pot
Stainless Steel Concealed Heater
Coffee Measuring Spoon




Brown x Black