Capacity: 10.5 kW
There are 3 levels of capacity: 3.5 kg, 7 kg, and 10.5 kg
The amount of water pressure reaches 5 liters/minute, depending on the water pressure
The heater saves about 75% of electricity compared to other heaters
Energy level classification: Class A
Dimensions: Length: 37 cm / Width: 25 / Depth: 10 cm
It is considered the smallest heater in the world, with the ability to cover an entire bathroom and a kitchen, provided they are connected with a maximum of 5 meters of pipe length.
Requires a certified 6 mm power cable and a 50 amp automatic switch on the panel
Operates with 220 volt electricity (single phase)
It works at the lowest water pressure
Two years warranty
made in Türkiye