TORNADO Gas Water Heater
Water Heater capacity : 6 Liter
Water Heater color : White
Water Heater with digital display screen
Gas type : Liquefied petroleum gas and we can transfer it to work with natural gas
Electronic Ignition mode : Water control automatic continuous pulse ignition
Control mode : Outlet control
Exhaust mode : Flue-type
Free of oxygen copper Heat Exchanger
Water temperature regulation knob
Firepower regulation knob
Battery indicator
Control of gas quantity
Control of water pressure , works under low water pressure 0.3 bar
Control of temperature of water
Safety features :-
Drain valve
Overheating double protection
Anti Dry combustion protection
Water high pressure protection
Flue blockage protection
Automatic shut down after 20 ± 2 minutes
Double gas safety
Sensing needle ignition, if not it will shut off the gas and the spark within 10 second
Water Heater connections :-
Gas inlet : 1/2 G
Cold water inlet : 1/2 G
Hot water outlet : 1/2 G
Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height ) mm :-
Without carton : 316 x 128 x 485
With carton : 582 x 377 x 195
Diameter of The Smoke Vent : 90 mm
Water Heater Weight :-
Net Weight : 6.3 Kg
Gross Weight : 7.14 Kg
Country of origin : Egypt
Water Heater warranty : 3 Years full free warranty