SHARP Air Conditioner 1.5 HP Cool – Heat, Inverter
Cooling Capacity : 12966 ( 3550-11945 ) BTU/H
Heating Capacity : 13300 ( 4000-17000 ) BTU/H
Air Conditioner Color : Black
Modern Design
Inverter Technology :
Advanced Technology Contribute To Reduce Costs and Energy Consumption By Switching The
Compressor Between High and Low Operation Modes Instead Of Switching It On and Off
Eco Mode : Makes the Air Conditioner Operates with Lower Power Consumption than usual in this Mode
Plasmacluster Ion :
Sharp’s unique Plasmacluster technology uses the actions of positive and negative ions
to clean up bacteria and viruses inside rooms
Super Jet Function : The Air Conditioner Works At Maximum Power To Make The Room Cool or Heat Rapidly
Gentle Air Cool ( COANDA ) :
Delivers gentle cool air up through ceiling than down through the floor to prevent the conditions are too cold
In heating mode , It delivers hot air downwards so that the air flows to the floor of the room
4 Way Auto Swing : Louvers can move up and down, left and right automatically
My Area Function
Motion Sensor Function
Self Clean Function With Plasmacluster
Dry Function
Quiet Cooling Function
12 Hour On / Off Timer
1 Hour On / Off Timer
Nature Wing Function
Auto Restart Function
Using Environmentally Friendly Freon ( R410a )
Self Diagnose
Hermetically Sealed Rotary Compressor
Semi Tropical Compressor
Anti-corrosion ( Outdoor side )
Dust Filter
Energy Efficiency Ratio ( EER ) : 19.1 BTU/H
Energy Efficiency Class : ( A+++++ )
Rating Voltage : 220-240 Volt
Rating Frequency : 50Hz
Pipes Connection Length : 3 Meter
Dimensions ( Width x Height x Depth ) mm :-
Indoor Unit : 879 x 289 x 229
Outdoor Unit : 760 x 540 x 270
Net Weight :-
Indoor Unit : 9 Kg
Outdoor Unit : 33 Kg
Gross Weight :-
Indoor Unit : 11 Kg
Outdoor Unit : 36 Kg
Country Of Origin :-
Indoor Unit : Thailand
Outdoor Unit : Egypt
Warranty : 5 Years Full Free Warranty





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